Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween

Well, we are off to Ville Platte, Louisiana for the weekend, but before we go for a family visit... We stopped in at the Pumpkin patch and are going to a little Halloween party tomorrow.

Hope you have a Happy Halloween! Here are pictures from playing with pumpkins.

Monday, October 27, 2008

A day in the life of a mom...

From time to time, I have the chance to page through a Dallas Child Magazine. Usually, I can find it at the doctor's office or perhaps a kids' play center and read a few pages when the kids are busy. I like to read the regular feature, "A Day in the Life of an Everyday Mom." It reads like a schedule, except the mom writes in all the activities of the day. I always wonder what other moms do in a day in the life and if it is anything like ours. So here it goes... (And if you feel so inclined to share a typical day in the life, let us know.)

Monday, October 27, 2008

7 AM: This is an unusual morning. I woke up on my own and not with Kaitlyn standing at my side of the bed whispering in my ear.

7:15 AM: Kaitlyn walks in our room and climbs in bed. She wants to watch a little show. So I turn on Einsteins, and I take a quick shower and get dressed.

7:30 AM: Kaitlyn goes to the bathroom and I help her get dressed. Jackson wakes up (finally hear him rustling around) and I get him ready and dressed.

7:45 AM: Get both kiddos in the kitchen and breakfast started. Jackson has some bagel and oatmeal. Kaitlyn has a waffle and milk. Jackson tries Orange Juice for the first time and loves it. He wants more.

8 AM: I run around to dry my hair and get shoes on. I ask Kaitlyn to put on her shoes. We run to the bathroom and get her hair done. Pick up jackets and are out the door at 8:15 am.

8:15 AM: Take Kaitlyn to school and we drop her off. Jackson and I then go to get gas and a carwash.

8:45AM: Arrive home with a cranky baby. He is ready for a morning nap. We read a couple of books and then at 9:15 he finally puts himself to sleep in his crib.

9:30 AM: I fix myself breakfast and sit for a moment to eat. I wasn't really hungry until this moment.

9:45 AM: I get on the computer and check email for work. Sent Margaret at 7-Eleven my updated product descriptions for review. I called the car company about the van. I called the doctor for Jackson and schedule a physical for me. Emailed about a playdate.

10:30 AM: Call mom to talk about van stuff. Started to put photos online. Cleaned up kitchen a bit.

11 AM: Jackson is up and ready to go. I am ready to go again. I get him in the high chair and we have a snack. Normally, we start to fix lunch, but he has Kindermusik class.

11:20 AM: Left for Kindermusik.

11:30 AM: Arrive at Kindermusik class at Ms. Jeanie's home. We start to walk up her steps and I held Jackson. I tripped on a little step and caught myself. I am beginning to wonder if I am losing it or just not paying enough attention. Jackson had fun banging on drums and listening to music.

12:30 AM: Arrive home and fixed lunch. We ate together.

12:50 PM: Jackson and I played a little bit.

1:10 PM: Put Jackson to sleep and read a couple of books. Tried to get him to sleep a little early because we had to pick up Kaitlyn. He is easy when it comes to sleeping.

1:15 PM: Stayed in the kitchen making meals for the week. I made a new dish - Chicken Tetrazzini.

2:30 PM: Woke Jackson up and got in the van to go pick up Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn finished her work, got her jacket and then we were ready to go home.

2:45 PM: Came home and gave the kiddos a snack.

3 PM: Quiet time-K/Playtime - J

3:30 PM: Got ready to go. I forgot that we need to get Jackson his second flu shot so we went to the doctor.

4 PM: We came back home and played.

4:30 PM: Brandon came home early. I started to get dinner ready. Kaitlyn needed a nap and got pretty cranky. Since we went to the doc, she didn't have a chance for a big rest.

5 PM: Fed Jackson dinner as he was starving. Kaitlyn had a snack, not too hungry.

5:15 PM: Brandon took Kaitlyn to Kindermusik.

5:30 PM: Jackson was done with dinner and we went out back and played together.

6 PM: Jackson took a bath.

6:30 PM: Put Jackson to bed as his nap was cut short today. Kaitlyn and Brandon came home.

6:40 PM: We all ate dinner. Normally, we all eat together, but this was a Kindermusik night. Jackson is an early eater.

7 PM: Cleaned up and Brandon and Kaitlyn played a game and got ready for bedtime. I relaxed a little bit.

7:30 PM: Started bedtime with Kaitlyn and put to bed. She was asleep in two minutes.

8 PM: Kids asleep. Got a few things together for tomorrow; write this blog. Sat down with Brandon and watched Heroes and hung out.

9 PM: Read a little bit of The Shack. Great book!!!! I am supposed to be reading it with Rachel and we talk about it, but we both can't put it down now.

10 PM: Watch a little news and weather.

10:30 PM: Go to sleep so I can be ready again for 7 am.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sea World pics

Click on the Title below to see the photos from Sea World. Needless to say, we love our new camera!

The Sea World Trip Photos

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Sea World Express

(More pictures are coming)

So we hopped on the Sea World Express down to San Antonio this past week. We weren't sure what to expect. We headed down at different times, but met up with Oma/Papa and my brother and his girlfriend, Amy. It was a fun time.

Of course, I say this with a big asterick. Aside from the crazy car ride to San Antonio and the ride back, and the lack of sleep for the kids, we all did great.

I don't think we have ever done that much in so little time with both kiddos. The first night we went to Stephanie and Garfield Green's for dinner. Jackson They have Emma, 5, Garfield, 3, and Elizabeth, almost 2. Jackson is even bigger than Elizabeth. The kids had so much fun together on the swing set and playing on the botom bunk. Kaitlyn really had a fit when we left San Antonio and we didn't get to see Emma again.

We then went to the zoo and had so much fun. Jackson loved walking around and the zebra. Kaitlyn loved the monkeys and taking pictures herself. It was a little hot, but not too bad. We then met up with the whole family and went to the Riverwalk for a boat ride, dinner and ice cream. The night went by fast.

Both of these nights we didn't get the kiddos to bed before 9 pm. It was tough, but they managed. Brandon and I played Jackson duty because he didn't sleep well.

On Saturday, we managed a plan to let Jackson take naps and we all got in Sea World time. Shamu was awesome and so was the Baluga whale/dolphin show. We also loved feeding the dolphins. The kids were just mesmerized by all of the animals. I think the key for us was to do Sea World with small children in small chunks. We had our hotel by Sea World so we could go do some shows and then take a nap. Then we went back and did a little more and then back for another nap. It worked out well so we managed to avoid any meltdowns.

The kids' favorite was the kids play area. Kaitlyn loved the Shamu Express ride. She rode it about 10 times. She did as her daddy suggested - ride with her hands up and say woohoo.

Jackson loved the soft, cushy area where he could just crawl and walk around in a safe area.

We are so excited to go back to San Antonio and hopefully, next time we can see more friends next time while we are there.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Accept Diaper Derby Challenge

Recently, the Zafereos', really little Noah, at, sent out a Diaper Derby Challenge. He looked like he had so much fun that Jackson had to try it out too. He loved playing in the box. Kaitlyn, she enjoyed laughing with Jackson and they even jumped into Jackson's toybox.

So Noah, next time we get together, we are ready for a challenge side by side. Hheeeehheee!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Birthdays Side by Side

I haven't had the time, but have really wanted to put up a side-by-side of Kaitlyn and Jackson at the same ages. They are just so cute to look at the similarities and differences. Here are their first birthday pictures.

Kaitlyn on February 5, 2006 and Jackson on September 1, 2008

A&M Weekend

We went to A&M last weekend for the game and Brandon's reunion. It was a lot of fun to see old friends and hang out. We also stopped and saw the Bonfire memorial. It was really nice and peaceful. 

Brandon had a blast going back, especially since it has been a couple of years. I hope we can stop in and see Baylor this month.