Monday, June 22, 2009

20th Anniversary Klein Father's Day Bash

So every Father's Day for the past couple of years I have been lugging Brandon and the kids to Lake Lotawana in Missouri just outside of Kansas City for our annual Klein reunion. The Klein Father's Day Bash started in honor of my grandfather, Andy Klein, and we have been celebrating every year.

This year was an exceptional year for the bash as least for our little family. Traveling to KC was a little bit better since the kids were older. Normally, we have cranky kids that don't sleep or through the night and we do not get to visit with family. This year, the car ride was extra long for us as the kiddos got very restless; however, the weekend was terrific.

We got in on Friday in the afternoon. The kids hated the car the last two hours, but we did okay. Oma and papa/Stephen and Amy all followed us up there too. We all jumped in the boat immediately and tubed. Kaitlyn did great the first time on the tube. Amy learned to waterski. And Brandon and I had just about as much fun as anyone could on the tube. He literally laughed so much, I thought his lungs were going to burst. Our cousin Zach drove the boat and Kaitlyn wanted to be his First Mate and help drive the boat. Jackson fell asleep on the boat with his blankie on his head.

The next day all the cousins arrived and we had a blast playing in the water. Kaitlyn caught over 10 fish and loved her princess fishing rod. Daddy helped put the worms on the hooks and she got really good at reeling them in. Jackson loved splashing in the water the most! Kaitlyn even got on the boat with all of her cousins on her own and got on the tube with her cousins, Drew and Jack.

My Uncle Gary brought home movies of all of us cousins from trips with the family. It was so funny to see everyone so much younger like dad without a big belly and lots of light brown hair and his big hats he would always wear. And mom with a PERM! Little Stephen with his little glasses. And to see me jumping like crazy in the pool. I was shocked to see how I stood in some of the video because I see Kaitlyn doing that all the time now! And in this video I was 8. If I get a copy of it, I will post it. I have an almost mullet looking hairstyle. Ok, it was 1985!

We were sad to leave early on Sunday, but Brandon is closing out the year this week with sales. He hopes to make Falcon, which is an honor for selling over his quota for the year.

Here are some photos from the weekend:

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer time

Well, we have made some progress on the house and have been around Flower Mound. The kids started Montessori and Jackson has had some adjustment since this was his first time to go to school.

His teacher, Ms. Anita, says he is doing very well. He loves splash days and he seems to be going along with the schedule. He goes two days a week from 8ish to 12. This is great because it doesn't interfere with his nap schedule. It was always hard on Kaitlyn when she started Mother's Day Out because her naps were interrupted two days a week. Ms. Anita is very sweet and I think Jackson will like her. He is one of the youngest, but I think there are only 6-8 kids in his room and we love that. He has been upset when I drop him off, but his teacher says that he gets into everything pretty quickly.

Kaitlyn's class is a little larger, but her teachers think she is so sweet. She has already made a friend and she goes Monday to Thursday 8 to 12. On the two days they both go, I go to 7-Eleven for project work.

We also started Gymnastics for the summer. Jackson loves bouncing around and I think Kaitlyn is going to turn into a gym monkey. The place is called WinKids and it a great place that I think they are going to like a lot.
It has been nice to see family more often than visits here and there at the new house and we have had several visits from friends already. And they say the drive isn't too far out of the way.
We are going to Kansas City this week for Father's Day Bash with the Kleins. It should be tons of fun! I know the kids will have tons of fun on the boat.