Monday, December 22, 2008

E.L.F. Makeup

If you want to stock up on some makeup go to E.L.F. I tried to send an email to everyone I know, but I missed you, I wanted to pass this on to the ladies. A Nordstrom brand of makeup is re-branding itself and is selling all of its old branded makeup for a $1. Just go to:

Sunday, December 21, 2008

When you see your children at Christmas

When you see your children at Christmas whether it is making cookies, singing in a Christmas recital, opening a gift or just participating in the holiday spirit; it is so touching and so special. Just in this past weekend, Kaitlyn had a school recital, we had a fun Christmas book exchange and Jackson and Kaitlyn went to see Santa.

In this season of many holiday gatherings and present-giving, the readings at church today hit home for me because so much of the planning that I do focuses on our family and our kids, like this weekend. The readings from the Old Testament, Romans and Luke spoke about David and Mary's faith. They followed God's plan for their lives. During this time, it is so easy to fall out of following His will and instead follow what we want. So that is my pre-New Year's Resolution - Follow Him. As mothers, we take on so much and it is time to just take a breath and Follow Him.

Merry Christmas! God Bless and keep you safe during this special holiday season!

Here are some photos from Kaitlyn's recital and seeing Santa. Kaitlyn sang beautifully - We Wish You a Merry Christmas and A Snowman - tune to a little teapot. Jackson wasn't too happy to sit on Santa's lap. Of course, he was really upset with his parents to passing him off to some stranger with a white beard. LOL.

Friday, December 19, 2008

A Precarious Situation

So Jackson has been exhibiting some new and exciting tricks and behaviors this week. He really wants to try and feed himself with a spoon. He is pretty good at keeping it on his spoon if it is big enough, like cut up pears. Kaitlyn always uses her utensils so I am guessing he has watched long enough so now he wants to join in the action. Oh and did you notice he is using his left hand. He goes back and forth, but he is starting to show a little bit of a preference for his left hand.In addition, to feeding himself, he doesn't seem to get enough on his plate. He acts like he is full so we wash up and get him out of his high chair. Then if Brandon, or Kaitlyn (typically, it is them, because I have learned to eat very quickly or in small chuncks throughout the evening) are still eating or have left anything on their plate, he will grab it. He has a pretty long reach too. He will even want to sit with you to finish what is on your plate. It is great that he likes to eat. He is not as picky as Kaitlyn. We are extremely careful with food around hour kitchen now. What can we do? He has to eat a ton to stay in that 97th percentile for height and weight. I don't think he has ever been below that. Sometimes I wonder if his growth will ever slow down or that I might have a 3rd grader talker than me.

It was very cold this week and we got a dusting of ice and snow. We went in back for a minute just to see how cold it was. We checked out the ice on the chairs and quickly went back in. I am ready to get back in our pool already.
Well, we had some friends over yesterday. Actually, a funny story. A couple of months ago we went to the mall to play and ran into a sorority sister from college, Julie Larson McCartney. We haven't seen each other since college and she actually lives a couple of miles north of us in McKinney. She has a girl and a boy the same ages as Kaitlyn and Jackson. Kaitlyn and Emily hit is off right from the start. Of course, Josh and Jackson are just busy hanging out. Yesterday, Kaitlyn and Emily had fun playing playdough and dressing up as little princesses.

Friday, December 12, 2008

My Project at 7-Eleven

Well, it has been a long three and a half months, but finally my first website project at 7-Eleven is complete. (I have been working about 10 to 12 hours a week on this.) You can see what I have been working on at and go to the products and services section. I helped to create the product descriptions and pulled together all the artwork for this section.

Now we are working on the never-ending process of updating the website as 7-Eleven has so many new products and promotions out every month. I bet you never knew all the little things 7-Eleven has to offer now. They are selling video games, GPS systems, digital frames and even freshly-made pizza in some of the stores.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Where in the World are the Meches?

So where have the meches been? If you have been wondering, we have traveled to St. Maarten, an island just south of Puerto Rico, completed our Santa shopping, made Christmas yard decorations, created our Christmas cards and managed to put up home decorations.

Here are photos:

Wow, it makes my head spin thinking about the last two weeks, but let's get started. Brandon has had a great four months in sales at ADP. And every year, if you reach a certain goal during the first four months of ADP's fiscal year, you get to go on a "SuperStarts" trip. This year it was to St. Maarten. Brandon's parents came up to watch the kids and we were off for a 3 day trip. We were so mellow and chill the whole trip, and if you know us, we usually try to see as much as we can. I think we really focused on sleep this trip because we were just plain worn out. The first night I slept 12 beautiful, wonderful, uninterupted hours. Brandon 11 hours. The next night was 10 and so forth. It was terrific! Brandon had a horrible stomach bug, but he was a real trooper and didn't stop him from enjoying the beach or getting in the steam room. The water is super pretty, but sadly the interior of the island is dotted with shacks and even a house with more than 50 washing machines sitting out front.

We were so happy to get home to Kaitlyn and Jackson. Jackson is in the stage where he is picking up everything you teach him. He is really picking up words, body parts and loves music. Kaitlyn is helping me cook more and is the best helper. She has her side of the kitchen to mop and loves to work that mop. They were doing new tricks for us when we got home. Gigi and Big Daddy had a full weekend with the kiddos - seeing St. Nick, Chuck E Cheese requests from Kaitlyn and lots of playtime.

Before the trip, Brandon decided to make a whole army of yard decorations - everyone from Mickey Mouse to Captain Hook. It took him about 3 days to cut wood, trace and paint these things. Kaitlyn and I helped too. He was so excited. I can't believe how well they turned out! He made it look pretty easy, but I know it was a lot of hard work!

Before that, we ventured out to a couple of the Black Friday sales. It was crazy, but we saved a little bit on gifts from Santa Claus! Yeah.

There are so many little traditions we want to keep and get started. We can't wait. We are starting a few every year as the kiddos get older like celebrating advent with a prayer and advent candles to prepare for baby Jesus. Or like making it an event to go to the Angel tree to shop for another child for Christmas with Kaitlyn and Jackson. And of course, we can't miss driving around and looking at lights! That is the best. But most of all, we hope to be able to see all of our family and friends every holiday season and make the most of this special time.

What traditions do you love and have with your family? Can't wait to read on your blog or email!