Thursday, May 24, 2007

On Our Toes

Boy are we on our toes. Kaitlyn has now unlocked and opened the front door and walked out by herself. She has gained a lot of dexterity so she can turn those locks and knobs easily now. We are putting in more locks at the top for sure!

Today, Kaitlyn went to the dentist for the first time as recommended by our pediatrician. All is well with those 20 baby teeth. She was so great in the dentist's chair. She sat still and wore sunglasses so the glare did not bother her eyes. She received the bubblegum toothpaste flavor and even let the dental hygienist floss just a little bit. She even nodded when asked if she wanted the sunglasses back on or off.

To see video, click here:

Friday, May 18, 2007

Three Piggy Opera

Kaitlyn performed last night the Three Piggy Opera for her school's end-of-year program. She was in the pig pen along with the other toddlers and she did pretty well trying to do the hand signs. She loved wearing her Piggy headpiece and would not let us take it off all night.

She then played with Ian, who calls her a girlfriend, and had a cookie to top it off. She starts summer school in early June and it will last til mid-July. She will be going back to school right when we are due with Jackson.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Count down to 10

Well, I am back. I have started to feel better after a bad bout with a cold the last couple of weeks. The coughing was horrendous. But never fear, it didn't stop us from moving Kaitlyn to a big bed and redecorating her room. She is getting smart too. We have been working on redecorating and once we have a few more things, we will be posting some photos.
I am now 6 months pregnant. Just a little more to go. I can't wait to have him! I guess I hate slowing down because I am so big especially in spring. I have stopped picking Kaitlyn up, except if I have to. She hates it, but she is getting used to holding hands a little more.

Happy Late Mother's Day to all those moms out there! Hope you had a great day. We did. We went to the Fort Worth Zoo. I can't even believe I now have the title of mom because mom is such a big role to fill. I hope Kaitlyn knows how much joy she has brought to my life. It is my gift to be able to be her mom.

Before I forget the little things she has been doing this week and last, let me recap.

1. Hide and Seek. This is her new favorite game. While Brandon was painting we were playing around the house. She then takes off and hides. Who knows where, I just couldn't find her. Of course, I didn't expect her to be running off to play hide and seek at any given moment. I searched the house top to bottom and no Kaitlyn. She then comes out and finds me in the office. I couldn't believe it. She takes me back to where she was hiding, in the old guest room behind the dark curtain. She kept saying hide, hide.

2. When she saw her room painted pink for the first time, she gasped. She then said pink room. I am not sure if she really associates this room with being her room now. It has taken about a week for her to get used to the change, but is doing a lot better now.

3. She is a master on the playground. We still spot her, but she climbs up everything, slides on everything, swings on everything and if she can't do it, she says it is for big kids. She really has a confidence about her abilities on the playground and she holds on tight.

4. She can count to 10, just about! It was a newsflash to us, but we would say one and then she would say two and so on. It just seems as though everything is clicking in her head. Although, she does this when she is in the mood for it.

5. But now we have a little more to worry about. She can now open any door in the house, except the sliding door. She opened her room door last week for the first time.

She has been loving on her stuffed animals. We took some photos with the bear today and loved to pose for the camera and then come look at the picture.

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

This Past Weekend and More

I apologize in advance for being brief and not including photos, I was up until all hours with a lousy cough and blowing my nose.

This past weekend Brandon's parents and Uncle Perry and Aunt Bonnie came in town for the Byron Nelson golf tournament. We gals had a shopping spree and learned very quickly that Kaitlyn likes to not only shop but run around the store so you can't catch her. I think Bonnie and Gigi had their hands full trying to help contain her.

The guys enjoyed the tournament and came back with sunburns all around. Gigi and Big Daddy babysat on Saturday night and we were able to go see Wicked, the musical. That was great! I probably would have enjoyed it more if I didn't have to sit in my seat just perfectly because I had a huge man in front of me. But even with that, it was really great to see all of the costumes and set.

On Sunday, Brandon took Kaitlyn to her friend, Zoe's birthday party at Owens farm. She didn't want to feed the animals, but liked looking at them. I stayed home because I had a fever. I am still not doing well, but hopefully the doc can prescribe something today because nothing is working with this. I won't bore you with the details.

You would have thought a hurricane came through last night. Around 7 pm, the winds started blowing the rain sideways and everything was blown everywhere. Our lounge cushions were in the pool and chairs knocked over and a big tree branch blown off. Driving through the neighborhood today, you could tell a storm came through, fences and trees were down all over. Our power was out all night as well. Well, off to clean up and wait for the doc to call back. More to come soon.