Thursday, July 16, 2009

Movie Update

Just a quick update - Kaitlyn had a lot of fun at the movies with daddy. She has been telling everyone since then that he is really funny too. They came home with special 3D glasses from the movie and really liked the squirrel that chases the nut. Brandon even said she laughed at the funny parts and reached out during certain parts because it looked like she could touch it. LOL.

He then took her to the Build The Bear Workshop and she made a bunny she named Sprinkles. What a treat for her. Brandon said he didn't even know that they were going to go there, but he made it part of their special outing. She got it in the special box and that is where Sprinkles sleeps at night.

And while that was going on Jackson has picked up a new trick of jumping up and landing on his bottom, just wherever he is. He thinks it is pretty funny.

Kaitlyn has swimmer's ear and so we have had to stay out of the pool this week. Just in case you ever want to prevent it in the future - just take a cotton ball of alcohol and put that in your ear after you swim. This will help dry out the water in your ears faster. Also, if you get swimmer's ear, the doc said to do half vinegar and half water and put a couple of drops in your ear for two minutes twice a day for 3 to 5 days. If it isn't too bad, it should help to clear it out without ear drops. So cool! The hard part is keeping Kaitlyn down for two minutes!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Around the House

So just about all you can do around here is lay in the pool. Thank goodness we do have the pool for sure! I was sweating just doing a few errands - in and out of the stores. Not much going on around here, except Jackson talking up a storm and Kaitlyn really doing big girl things.

I feel like I am crossing into a "big kid" parent and I don't know how that came about. We are instructing her more to use her manners and how to act in situations than anything else now. I guess not a real big leap from the instructions of "let's share", etc. of when she was smaller; however, we are talking more about stranger danger, how things work in a store or errands and so on.
Jackson is hilarious. We went to a birthday party at a park yesterday. We about died when we were in the sun. A friend brought her newborn and he was just a doll sleeping in his carrier. At this time, it was still not scorching hot. Jackson walked up to the carrier and just stared at him. Jackson noticed he was sleeping and then began to say "Wake Up!" He kind of yells this in a deeper tone. It is really funny.
We then proceeded to the catch and release pond and feed the fish with bread. Jackson took the bread and ate it and then would tear off maybe one or two pieces for the fish. Kaitlyn meanwhile made best friends with the girls and was headed off to throw in tons of bread.

As I am writing this, Kaitlyn went with Brandon to see Ice Age in 3D. I am sure this will be interesting. Brandon has been dying to see a movie with Kaitlyn lately and since we weren't doing much, it was a good time. We will see if Kaitlyn can sit that long for this movie. We haven't really tested this yet, so we will see.

Movies were treats growing up with my mom and dad and that is what today is because we started the chore chart. Really, just a way to reinforce good habits, but I think it is going to be more work for me to be more disciplined. We included normal stuff like brushing teeth in the morning and only a couple of things, but it is time for more responsibility. I can't wait to see how Kaitlyn is doing in a month. Hopefully, a little less of me reminding, pushing, etc. her and more of her initiating her own routine. We are going to need a whole lot of stickers.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Notice Anything?

Notice anything different in this picture? Yep, you guessed it, Kaitlyn got a haircut. She was totally pumped to get a pretty new "do."

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Cute pics

I had these taken of Jackson for his 18 month pictures like I did with Kaitlyn; however, I just now got them ordered. We took them right in the middle of moving craziness in April.

There was a field of tons of bluebonnets. Unfortunately, the day we took the pictures, there was a huge wind so you see Jackson squinting in some of them.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

We Got Some Visitors Over Here!

Our visitors have come and gone! Brandon's cousins Ashley and Jeremy and Abby came to stay with us for several days this past weekend! It was so much fun! Kaitlyn and Jackson had a blast playing with them! Jeremy is a super fantastic cook! I didn't have to do a thing in the morning. How thankful I was for that since it is so hard to get going in the morning! Abby took the kids on and they loved following her lead. Ashley was all cute in her maternity clothes and can't believe she still has 20 more weeks to go!

We got some photos of Christy and Ashley together too. Thank goodness we had the pool to cool off in! Grapevine Mills mall was a hit too for its candy store with candied apples!