Monday, December 31, 2007

Holiday Craze!

Happy New Year! This holiday season has been a wild ride. From packing up the kids to celebrate Christmas with families in Fort Worth and Kansas City to mailing holiday cards to very cold weather, we are ready for 2008 to be a great, but quieter year.

We had several Christmas celebrations. Earlier in the month, we celebrated with Brandon's family in Fort Worth. We spent the night there too. The Christmas tree was full and very pretty. Because of Maggie and Jackson, it took us most of the day to exchange presents. Kaitlyn found a bag of marshmellows and poured them out into a nice, little pile and started helping herselft to one marshmellow at a time. That was pretty funny. The hit of the weekend was to see Maggie dedicated at their church.

We traveled just before Christmas to Kansas City this year in the snow. It snowed on the way, on the way back and some in the middle. We also found out that in Texas they put water in the winshield wiper tank. It froze up and so we couldn't wash the winshield. Thank goodness we had snow. Later, we put some antifreeze in, but it was quite comical that we weren't too prepared for the cold. We stayed with my Aunt Linda and Uncle Butch and their two kiddos - Zach and Kia. I really thought the tough part was going to be the traveling, but the hard part turned out to be naps and going to bed. Kaitlyn was so revved up from seeing cousins, a new house to explore and many more fun and exciting things, that she really had a hard time going to sleep. Jackson on the other hand was still a dream, but he didn't like the pack and play and slept with me in the bed. He took up the whole bed with pillows around him and stretching out.

Christmas Eve was a blast with little cousins running around. There were crafts and stories, too. The older girl cousins told the story of the Night Before Christmas with some special effects. We even took up some Italian traditions for Christmas since the dinner theme was Italian. There was a Christmas log and you write your worries you want to forget on paper and tie them to the log. Then toss the log into the fire to take your worries away. The little cousins exchanged presents and Jackson gave Drew a pretty cool car race track. It was the hit of the party as all of the kids played with it.

Jackson is four months today! I can't believe it. He is growing so much. He is showing signs of getting ready to roll over. He loves to move his legs and laugh with us. He is even ticklish on his sides. He can almost stick his whole fist in his mouth. He is teething already and right now looks like he is constantly hungry. I don't know how many growth spurts this kid is going to go through, ha! His new favorite toy is a green dinosaur and holds on to it a lot. So it used to be Kaitlyn's as mostly all of his toys are Kaitlyn's old toys. However, now he has a lot of new toys from Christmas to enjoy as he gets a little bigger. Yeah!

Kaitlyn just loves her baby brother. She likes to help him play and take pictures of him. She is pretty much potty trained now except that we still have to remind her to go. She still wears a pull up at night, but does wake up dry when she doesn't have anything to drink before bed. Right now, she is in a stage where she likes to cry like Jackson to get attention and we are working hard on patience. I am finding out how much of a softy I am when it comes to them.

This year we plan to get Kaitlyn in dance. We are going to first try out Ballet with her friend Zoe in late January sometime. I hope to get involved with Gymboree with Jackson like I did with Kaitlyn. Then in the spring it will be time for swimming! Yeah, we can't wait to get in the pool.

Friday, December 21, 2007

"The Best Santa in DFW"

So I should be packing for our trip to KC tonight, but...

We took Kaitlyn and Jackson to see Santa Claus today, and I had to scan and post the picture we got with Santa!

He is the real deal! We actually ran into Brandon's friends from college, The Malhoits, who just had a baby boy, Barrett, while waiting in line. We all waited together which made the two hour wait go by a little faster. They told us that this Santa Claus is recruited heavily by malls in the DFW area. His beard and everything is real. They also said that he gets a pretty huge paycheck. I can believe it. We paid $14 just for one 5x7.

He was pretty sweet to Kaitlyn and she was so excited to see him; however, from the picture you would never know it. She became very shy when she walked up to him and sat on his lap. I think if we would have been able to give her a little time, she would have talked his ear off. While waiting in line, I couldn't pull her away from watching him.
I don't think Jackson is too comfortable. We were all talking to get Kaitlyn to smile and then they shook some bells that were kind of loud. I think Jackson was very ready to go home and go to bed after this mall experience.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Meche Christmas!

We still can't believe it is Christmas. We haven't been able to get out with our two little munchkins for Christmas activities much. Shoot, we don't even have our pictures back yet to put in our Christmas cards. But what we do have, are two wonderful, healthy children and will have a happy Christmas with family.

This past weekend, we celebrated with Brandon's family. It was quite a day with two little babies and a toddler, not to mention us big kids. Kaitlyn is very interested in Christmas stories, Christmas trees and Santa right now. She enjoyed hanging ornaments on the tree this weekend and playing with the presents. She loved her Dora backpack and the little jump house with balls.

We also went to the mall to hear Santa tell a Christmas story. We were a little late and stood in the back for a little bit with our friends Caroline, Hailey and Kerri; However, Kaitlyn and Caroline still had a great time sitting on the sit and stand stroller together and walking through the mall hand in hand.

Jackson is a little out of sorts because of the weekend, but hopefully, he will be well rested for our trip to KC. We are flying up there and driving back. It will be quite the trip. We are praying for safe, warm weather.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rest and Repose

It is always nice to get a break from the normal hum-drum of everyday life. In our case (Brandon and I), we were in desparate need of some time to relax and get back to just us. Brandon's company came to save us and whisked us off to Cabo, Mexico in early December for a couple of days this past week. It was a tough decision, but I decided to leave Jackson at home. We are very glad that we did and he did very staying at home as well.

We missed Kaitlyn and Jackson terribly. It was such a fun reunion because they both laughed and giggled when we came home. Jackson did fine with the bottle and is back to nursing again too. Kaitlyn has been napping, yeah! He is reaching for everything and grasping everything. He gurgles and coos a lot. Kaitlyn still loves to give him lovies and likes to talk a lot.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hanging Up My Freelancing Shoes

As of today, I have officially stopped freelancing, no more PR work for me right now. I had to tell my last client today that I am swamped with kids having colds and taking care of them that I don't have time to work on a project basis. It sounded simple; Work when they sleep or at night, but that left me nothing else, inlcuding Brandon or housework or other projects. By the way, I am totally behind on many projects like photos and albums.

I am a little sad because I enjoyed freelancing and the people I worked with on a weekly basis. It kept some regularity in my life even when Kaitlyn was growing or going through a new phase, etc. Now hopefully, I will be able to give my full attention to kids and house and get more projects done around here. I have put these off many times since I would work instead in the little free time I had. Shoot, maybe I can get out to a lunch or dinner with friend. I am really looking forward to that once we getting better settled with Jackson and no more colds!

Only two more days before Cabo San Lucas. Brandon and I are excited to make a quick getaway over the weekend. Boy, do we need it. My parents are coming to watch the kids and I hope they do well for them. It will be tough, but hopefully, worth the trip to enjoy. It is free and on Brandon's company! I just pray Jackson feels a little better before we go. It was a tough decision to leave him at home, but I would rather leave him home than risk another cold.