Monday, October 26, 2009

Baylor Homecoming - 100th Anniversary

Yes, we made a little day trip to BU's homecoming this past Saturday! I had been thinking for awhile that I needed to get my Baylor fix! Originally, I was thinking we could drive down early morning and get to the parade around 9 am as it finally gets to campus. Jackson was fighting a little cold late last week so it would be just me and Kaitlyn. We didn't want to drive down by ourselves so I roped my brother and Amy to go with us. Oma and Papa (my parents) went a little earlier than us.

Kaitlyn and I ended up leaving Flower Mound around 7:15 am. We lucked out with a close parking place and walked onto campus right around 9 am. It was perfect weather and campus looked great! We got a place on the curb and caught some candy and saw the floats. The parade was over by 10:15. It seemed a little short this year. A lot of organizations went in together on floats. ZTA did one with ATO. ATO???

We then went over to the Mayborn Museum that is right there on University Park by the old village and alumni center. The museum was pretty cool! If you have little kids, it was a great outing! We spent over an hour there, and that was being really quick. The gal let us in for free, but normally it is about $5 to get in. Kaitlyn really loved it and even said she wanted to have a party there.

We then went to eat. Stephen was craving a gut pack at Vitek's BBQ so we went over there and it is open on Saturdays now. We also stopped by the Baylor Bookstore, and we got a Baylor Claw and I had to get some BU flip flops! I love them!!

We made it back around 4 pm to DFW. Kaitlyn slept the whole time and I think we had a pretty good little day outing! Ah, Baylor! It helped me to get my Bear fix!!!


We were able to get another addition to our living room last week. Brandon's "Lazy Boy" chair. He has some competition for it though. Kaitlyn has been lounging in it all week! And Jackson loves having the couch all to himself!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's Free and Fun-Pumpkin Style

We went to the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch. They have tons of silly fun for the kids - pumpkins to pick out, cut-outs, a hay-maze, bounce houses and even kettle corn. We had lots of fun with Emilie, Josh and Julie too.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's A ...

Well, the latest news with us, besides me feeling ill all the time is that we are having a boy on April 24, 2010. We found out last Friday and we all guessed it may have been a boy, but some thought girl. I knew it when I started craving BBQ.

In other Meche sibling news, Kaitlyn and I went to Mary Poppins. It was a wonderful show and I think Kaitlyn enjoyed it with her friend Kali. Although, Kaitlyn got pretty cranky towards the end. It was a little too long for her, but in the end, Mary flew through the air over the audience and that was fun! Here I am with the kids. This is the best picture I have taken with Jackson. He wanted a picture with me just like Kaitlyn and he smiled on que too. We brought out some toys and things from the attic. The kids have been having a ball with cooking again. We are getting ready for a garage sale Saturday morning! Yikes! These things are a pain, but only if everything doesn't go!!!