Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It is definitely time for a little baby to arrive!

It is definitely time for Jackson to be here. We have been anxiously waiting his arrival and had thought he would be here by now. Around the first week or two in August I was busy getting last minute things together before he came and closed out my work projects. I went to the doctor, and I had started dilating. We thought this was great news because I didn't dilate at all before Kaitlyn came.

Now I am sitting here and it is August 28th and still no Jackson. His due date is exactly a week from today and I have been miserable for the last three weeks. Ahh, me! Last week, we had a false alarm as I was throwing up with contractions, but they subsided and I went home. I felt pretty bad the whole week. Now this week, I have a huge rash on my belly. It itches and it is hard to sleep.

Anyway, an induction is in order and just got a call for it to be Tuesday, 9/4. I hate to be whining and can't wait to be out of this state and see little Jackson. I just have a feeling he is going to a real sweetie and endear us all to just cuddle with him all the time.

Kaitlyn is telling everyone that Jackson is in mommy's tummy, and I can't wait to finally see her face when he is actually here. We have been talking about it so long and I have been so big for so long that I am sure she will not know what to do. I am so excited to be able to get back to regular physical things too so I can play with her more again. Right now it is so hard to get down on her level or have the energy.

I know that it will be tough with Jackson, but my take on everything is that anything is better than this. I can't do anything I want to do and that is tough to accept right now. Even though I complain, I am thankful for this because I can look back when there is a day that is hard with having two and know that it is still easier than the physical state and pain I am in now trying to take care of Kaitlyn.
Daddy dressed Kaitlyn and put her in pigtails this morning all by himself while mommy slept in.

More to come soon...

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Well, I haven't been blogging too much or taking photos because of how enormous I am. It is hard just to get off the couch without help from Brandon. hehehe.

We went to the doctor for the 36 week visit. I am almost at 2 cm dilated. I thought something had started happening this week. I have been trying to clean up, all I can think about is what is around the corner and how our lives are going to change, and practically staying up at all hours at night. For example, last night I was up from 1:30 am to 2 am just finishing up washing some dishes, and then I got out a pad to write out a grocery list. What am I doing???

I think we are ready, but I just don't have that feeling like I am totally ready like I did with Kaitlyn. I keep thinking of how Kaitlyn is going to adjust. She has been totally enamoured with her babies lately, and I hope that is a good sign. It will be fun to have her help me change a diaper and see her eyes get very concentrated on one little task.

Even though I have been miserable physically and down right hormonal at times with some complaining, I feel this has been another good experience because it is God's little miracle coming to life once again.

One prayer request: Brandon's grandfather is gravely ill. He is moving home this weekend. Brandon plans to go visit this weekend in Louisiana. He is concerned that I will go into labor, but I think the odds are in our favor that we have some time right now at least.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Reading is fun!

Here is a sample of Kaitlyn reading on our way to the Dallas World Aquarium for a little family outing this weekend.

Unfortunately, the Dallas World Aquarium was packed, being renovated and Kaitlyn was tired of all the people so we didn't stay too long. She had way more fun in the pool the next day with Uncle Stephen, who came over and showed us his mad pool skills! Other than that, we have been playing it lowkey. And what has really been wearing us out is trying to work with Kaitlyn to listen and obey her parents better. What a struggle with a 2 and a half year old right now; but we just forget about any power struggles when she is so cute reading her books!