Monday, April 28, 2008

Shake the Maracas!

While I was away, look what the kids were up to with Daddy!! We can't believe how coordinated Jackson is. He watched Kaitlyn's every move!

This weekend was my dad's birthday and I flew with him to KC for his best friend's retirement party. It was very quick. We flew in Saturday morning and flew out Sunday morning. It was a great trip and I could hang out with family without having to worry about taking care of the kids. It was a really nice trip and a lot of fun. We even ate at Jack Stack, our favorite Bar B Que restaurant in KC. We always have to get the BEST Bar B Que in the country when we are in town! I was even back in town to go to a swim party for Kaitlyn's friend.

It looks like Brandon had fun with the kids and was even able to do a little housework while I was away. They had a playdate Brandon's friend John and his two kids. John's wife, Amy, also was out of town. Brandon then took the kids to Gatti Town, kind of like Chuck E Cheese. He said it was tough to try and get food, watch the kids and play. I am sure Brandon is having a tough Monday as it was a pretty full weekend.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Fun

What are you going to do with a three year old who loves the pool and sees that daddy is ready to jump in for the first time this year? They jumped in for about five minutes and then got out. The water was cold, but she didn't complain. She, in fact, splashed around and laughed. She even came over to help daddy because he was so cold in the pool. Since it was still cold, we took her out and dried off, but she loved every minute and can't wait to get back in. We are definitely in need of swim lessons and soon. Okay, so I have a project for the week - get Kaitlyn in swim lessons!

Jackson will have to check them out too. He still has yet to make his debut in the pool. Yesterday, he was entertained in the exersaucer by the pool. However, I think he is teething so much right now that he was more interested in chewing on a teething ring than the activity in the pool.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sweet Relief

Ah, the sweet relief! No more rubber bands (I wore them straight from November to April.), protruding wires or bands, and trying to brush/floss around braces! Yeah! I was so ready to get them off.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Kiddos

Kaitlyn is a real girl. I keep telling myself everyday. Her conversation with me is getting to be so much fun because she laughs at the things I say. She also is not crying as much anymore. I never thought it would end. We have tried to focus on family time and bringing all of us together so that she is used to all of us as one big happy family doing things together. She still likes to say and remind me that I am HER mommy or Brandon is HER daddy.

Sooo, Jackson just can't stand to lay down anymore. He loves to sit up, even stand. We have taken the bouncy seats away and have replaced them with jumperoos and other contraptions. He also loves making faces, but we haven't been able to catch that yet.

He is just so easy. I have been noticing him want to move around a lot more. He just seems to have this eternal energy pack and then konks out right after a burst. Like today, he played in is jumperoo, jumping and moving it back and forth for a long time. Shortly after, I got him ready for bed and he was asleep in less than five minutes.

I got a new toy for him last fall for $10 at a consignment sale. I brought it out today to see if it was going to be a hit. It looks like it just might be. Here is a little sample of his first try out of this walk about toy today.

Blog O Rama

So I think this weekend had to have been one of the busiest in a very long time and it almost could be made into a song, I think. Kaitlyn, Jackson and I went to Matthew's third birthday party at an airplane museum Friday morning. Brandon and I went to Aunt Christy's birthday party in Fort Worth that night. On Saturday, we had a plumber over to help fix leaks and replace faucets. What a mess that turned out to be. We still really need to try and cut into the wall to replace a pipe for our shower because it leaks horribly.

Jackson, Kaitlyn and I then went to another birthday party on Saturday. Brandon had to stay home with the plumber. And then... I rushed to get ready with Brandon putting on some knobs on the shower last minute so I could meet up with some friends for a bachelorette party. We tasted wine and made our very own batch of wine at a place called Swirl in downtown Dallas. We then went to have dinner at 9 pm at La Duni. I actually did pretty well all things considered and even made it until 11:30 pm.

On Sunday, I finished planting flowers in the front yard. (Started this on Saturday as well as running to the nursery to buy some flowers.) We also went over to see a newborn baby of our friends Brad and Emily, Hayley, that night.

The kids actually did pretty well this whole weekend, considering all of the craziness. Kaitlyn had a meltdown on Saturday when her balloon flew up into a tree. Jackson actually had a small one on Sunday. This was absolute pandemonium this weekend and I don't even know how it got started or how we ended up doing everything. And how did we do this? This is what I call: See the egg in the pan. Hear it sizzling. This is your brain on drugs. This is Sarah on drugs. Haha. I am halfway through my prescription of steroids, and boy have they made things go haywire for me. I am going and going and I feel tired, but I just can't stop. Plus, my waistline is killing me. It is making me more hungry than ever. Just a couple more days.

On a side note, I have one more week until my braces are off! I am soooo pumped!

So here are some pictures of the weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What? A facial?

So what is happening over here at the Plano Meches? Well, we have got birds, rashes and a whole lot of bubbles.

The kiddos are great! We have enjoyed a new doggie bubble machine outside and Kaitlyn can control the bubbles, which she loves. Jackson is amazed at the bubbles. We have a couple of birthday parties this week, one at an airplane museum and one at My Gym. The one at the airplane museum is on Friday, and I will be manning the Meche ship by myself with the kiddos in Dallas.

We have a visitor who has decided to stay indefinitely. Mama bird has made a nest in our back arbor and is making babies with daddy bird. I had a front row seat the other day. I am sure we can expect baby birds very soon. Luckily, we do not hear any chirping yet. I will have to add a picture when I have more time. I am about dead from running errands today and picking up my prescription.

Yes, I said prescription. I was scratching my neck last night and this morning, but didn't think anything of it. It was still itchy this morning and I looked in the mirror, and I had a whole HUGE rash going. Then as the day progressed, I then noticed my ear was twice the size of the other one, and then I noticed my face was very, very puffy, red and itchy! I went to the doctor this afternoon, and it looks like I am allergic to something in the facial I received this weekend.

Brandon was so sweet and picked a spa gift certificate from his work a couple of months ago when they were handing out prizes to the sales team. I was able to use it this past weekend for a massage and facial. This place is super expensive and base their products on the "Oh, Naturale" of organic products. Obviously, my body just didn't agree.

So now, I got a steroid shot in my buttocks, where I still can't feel, and oh so does not feel good right now. I also have meds for 10 days. What a bummer; however, I don't look like a beat anymore. Thanks for letting me take a moment and WHINE.

On the bright side, a friend is getting married this month and her girls' night out party is this weekend. We are going to go make wine!! We each get several bottles. If you are still reading this blog (heehee), let me know if you want a bottle and I will get one to you. I am not sure how many I will be able to keep, so first come, first serve.