Thursday, June 26, 2008


Jackson has been practicing and working up to crawling for about a month now. He has finally made the little push to move those little legs and arms.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What to do...

So I should be cleaning up the house, but I just have too much on my mind. I went to a Get Organized seminar on Monday night. How wonderful. The consultant was great. She gave us so many helpful tips, great family night suggestions and resources. I love it! I am now in the process of writing out a list of what I need to get organized with the tips she suggested. Love it!

Sooo, I thought I would share some of the tips here. If you are organized, maybe you are already doing this. As for me, not so much. I definitely need more time management tools to get me through the day so I can not feel behind all of the time. My weakness is putting the kids to bed and then sitting with Brandon watching our fav shows or a movie. Most of the time, I am too tired to move off of the couch.

I have already started to change some habits. Kaitlyn helped me for an hour yesterday morning while Jackson slept. She helped load the dishwasher, fold underwear, sweep and pull weeds. I am working with her so she can get to a point of doing one chore on her own a day. And I will say, she is really good at folding her own underwear.

So moving on to the helpful tips.

1. Use Velveeta cheese boxes when you are done as drawer organizers and toliet rolls to hold extension cords.
2. Organizing the mail. Use a file crate and make files 1-31 and then 1-12. So the mail that has a deadline in July, put in July, etc. When you are ready for July, say on June 30, take the July things and sort them into the 1-31 so you know which things have to get down on which days. And just take it out for the day to do.
3. When you are going to have company or selling a house, warm the oven and throw a small cap full of vanilla in the oven. It will make the house smell like cookies.
4. Have weekly menus and rotate on a master list
5. Freeze your cake and when you are ready to ice it, the icing won't take cake crumbs in it
6. Use for free business/calling cards. Good for everyone to have on hand so when you run into someone you have your information right there to give

Sunday, June 22, 2008

June is Flying By

June has been flying by. Both Jackson and Kaitlyn were in swim lessons for the last two weeks everyday. We had a trip to KC for Father's Day Bash in the middle and a little dance class and baby signs class started this past Saturday.

My oh my. The kids have been doing great, but are worn out as are we. We have been sleeping in and taking naps wherever we can. KC was a fun trip, but it totally wore us out with the drive. The kiddos have a tough time sleeping when we are on the go in the car and somewhere else. They did great with the gadmillion Kleins we have in the family and everyone couldn't believe how big Jackson is. He is bigger than our cousin's son, Jack. He was well-known for being really big as a baby and is still very tall. Jackson is bigger than him when he was 9 months and that is saying a lot. Jackson as his 9-month appt. this month was 26 pounds and 32 inches. He really is tall. Just looking at him in the crib is amazing. He can stretch his arms from side to side and touch.

This month has been huge for him because he has starting rolling around a ton, sitting himself up, scooting and crawling a little bit. He is dying to walk.

Kaitlyn has had a great month too. She is learning to swim and the swim class did wonders for her. We couldn't get her to put her head under water and now with goggles, she is swimming under water like crazy, holding her breath and going along with daddy. She loves it.

Okay, I am just going to get caught up with some photos of the kiddos and a little swimming video.

Here is Jackson swinging.

Here are some pics from the month.

Here is a quick slideshow of her first dance class. We signed up with the Parks and Rec to see how Kaitlyn likes it.

Here is video of her first time to swim with daddy under water.

Monday, June 09, 2008

It's Work and Play

Okay, so I just have to write this down somewhere and since I am at the computer... I know many of you can see what a happy boy Jackson is, but man this guy tried everything and just does everything with a smile and a baba (really loud). We went to his first swim class today. Kaitlyn's is tonight and they are going everyday for two weeks.

Jackson had to get used to the water, but just did so wonderful with everything the instructor said to do like putting them on their stomach to kick and move their arms and even to blow bubbles in the water. He laughed and said baba a lot through the class. He really loved trying to drink the water as opposed to blowing bubbles. Of course, I think he is used to the water now since we are in the pool, but it was a total different experience. There were other babies and the indoor pool was swamped with people. Plus I was holding him close and at home with both kiddos we don't get to hold him as much. He is in the swim floatie more. We are lucky they both have taken to the water pretty well.

I can't wait to see what happens with Kaitlyn. She is going to go in by herself with the class. Of course, the parents are right there, and she will be with an instructor most of the time. It will be quite interesting I think.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

For the Grandparents

Sooo. I have to tell you about this.

It is amazing how innovative kids are. I would have never thought Kaitlyn could have done this and now I am going through and seeing what I can do for kid-proofing. I was with Jackson playing and Kaitlyn went into the kitchen. I just thought she was playing with her kitchen. She went from her kitchen to taking a barstool and putting it next to the fridge. Standing on it to get the candy jar down so she could get a lollipop. I caught her sitting on the barstool with two lollipops. I thought it was totally out of reach for her to get into a candy jar. Wow, three year olds!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


On Sunday, Kaitlyn and I were running around to a couple of stores together. As long as we are in and out, Kaitlyn does great. It is getting to be more fun to go together because it is just us and we sometimes play games when we are in the store like walking on each side of a display in the aisle and then jumping out to scare each other or something.

We pulled into the Kohl's parking lot because I had some Kohl's cash and we were on a mission to get Brandon a little something for Father's Day. I don't know why, but Kohl's has the biggest letters on their building. They are so prominent that I think you could see them from an airplane. Anyway, we were walking up and Kaitlyn just started saying each letter spelling it out. She said K then O, then H, then L and then S. She hasn't put together that you can sound that out in a word yet. I was so excited because she is really having fun with these letters and words. Of course, after she did that, I said lets sound it out with the letters together.

News flash: Jackson has his first tooth and the second one is about to pop. It is right under the skin. He has been very fussy for the last week, totally not like him. Talk about getting some teeth - When it rains, it pours!