Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Very Meche Weekend

This past weekend was a weekend for celebrations. Since I am due around my 30th birthday in early September, we decided to celebrate early with a little Murder Mystery dinner at the Gaylord hotel in Grapevine. It was sooo much fun. We had a group of about 30 and enjoyed a buffet of all sorts of food and a murder mystery based on the Old West.

I loved getting out for the night and enjoyed seeing friends I haven't seen in awhile! Kaitlyn was a little confused to see everyone leave her at home, but she did very well and needed her sleep.

Here are a few photos from the dinner:

On Sunday, friends, Judy, Emily and Brooke hosted a little shower for Jackson. It was nice to just see the girls and we all had fun seeing all the blue little outfits for him. I think the biggest hit was the A&M stuff; however, I still think the BU onsie was a hit with me! A&M usually wins out around here so if I can get some BU in, that is awesome!! He also received his first pair of boxers - so cute!

Here are a few photos from the shower:

It just amazes me at how friends always come through for you and do amazing things to show you how much you are loved. I felt so loved and cared about this weekend and am so appreciative of all of my friends that I have made throughout the years. My goodness, I had friends from junior high and elementary, college, post-college and post-baby all come this weekend and I just don't have the words to express my gratefulness and thankfulness for them.

And of course, my family and Brandon's family have been so supportive and loving in preparing for a new baby and helping with Kaitlyn while I am physically tired and unable to do all I want to do. It has been wonderful this experience has truly come from the Lord above to help show the way because I have definitely had hard times with this pregnancy! And to Brandon, a round of applause for all of his hard work in organizing the dinner and helping more than anything around the house and with Kaitlyn. I couldn't imagine doing it on my own!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Welcome Baby Noah Zafereo

Just thought I would help share the good news, our friends, Judy and Jason Zafereo, had their baby boy on Monday, named Noah Francis. He came about 12 days late and weighed 8 lb. 6 oz. Kaitlyn was so excited to hold him TWICE. It was a special treat to get to hold him again before we left the visiting room yesterday.

Judy is doing great and both she and Jason are just so relaxed and happy to have him now. They are going to be great parents. (Just a note - Judy is one of the hosti for the baby shower this weekend. I hope she can make it for a little while.)

He had a lot of hair and just reminded us of Jackson's impending arrival. It was so sweet to see how Kaitlyn was gentle with him and just waited patiently to hold him and be by the baby. She is quite the big girl helper now.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

100th Post

Well, this is the 100th posting to this blog since we started last year. Wow, can't believe it! This will be a great entry because we have a little story to share on how Kaitlyn is showing her understanding of Jackson. Well, at least, we think she is, and she could definitely have a different song and dance when we bring him home in the next 6 weeks.

Yesterday, she had her first swim lesson with Haley, the swim instructor, coming to our house. As we were getting ready, I was talking to Kaitlyn about helping to take care of Jackson and asking her where he is.

Her friends Zoe and Ian came to join us in the swim lesson. Both of them have baby sisters. When Ian's baby sister, Emily, arrived with Ian, Kaitlyn just loved to look at her and help keep her pacifier in her mouth. Zoe's mom asked Kaitlyn if she had a baby as in baby brother. Kaitlyn said that her baby was in mommy's belly. It was just too cute to hear her. Of course, by now she recognizes mommy's huge, gigantic, enormous, large, bowling-ball shaped belly.

Kaitlyn did great in her swim lesson and took straight away to Haley. We practiced blowing bubbles, kicking and pulling our arms.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Swimming On Own!!

Included video of Kaitlyn swimming on her own in the pool with her lifejacket!

As for our little munchkin, we finally got one full day of good ole' sunshine on Saturday and played in the pool, perhaps a little too long, but it was well worth it. We put on a little lifejacket for Kaitlyn, and she just wanted to swim around all day long by herself. Now we are in the market for one of those swimsuits with the floaties in them because that would keep her up to play around on her own more. Of course, we are right by her side all of the time, but she is now at a point where she wants to do it all by herself, which is great to see her learning and exploring on her own.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

July's Potty Update

Kaitlyn is making great progress. It has been a month since we first had our Potty Party and introduced potty training. This week she is beginning to feel more comfortable on the potty by waiting for the pee-pee to come, and shows us signs of needing to go before she has an accident. She is starting to tell us and even letting #2 go while on the potty. She is a pretty regular little person, and for awhile things were out of whack, but I see things getting back to regular everyday. This is great news for her mommy who "feels" so big; it is hard to get up when sitting with her in the bathroom.

I think she is on to us about this "other baby" business. She actually used my big belly for a pillow the other day when we were sitting on the couch. At least, it is coming in handy for her, too. She does tell us that baby Jackson is in mommy's belly. And she has been especially clingy lately and wants me to pick her up a lot more.

She has loved to take an old diaper of hers and change her babies' diapers lately. I don't think I will fight her to change Jackson's. Heeehhee.