Tuesday, September 29, 2009


They say that a child's mind is the most creative between 3 and 5. Kaitlyn's little mind is working overtime. Today, she pretended to be a bunny all afternoon. She stayed in character and ate carrots and drank water. She made her own bunny-home, hopped like a bunny and didn't talk like a bunny. She then proceeded to make a map to her bunny-home.

She helped me fold laundry this afternoon and I think it was her way to get a little more creative with it. We went up the mountain (stairs) to the sticky forest (her room) and then to the secret cave (drawers) to store her clothes. Pretty fun for a 4-year old!

I love it when she is creative. The creative juices are flowing!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Little Jackson - Turning into a True 2 year old

Oh, our little man. Oh, how he is two. His little personality is just coming out in spades. Yesterday, for the first time, he told me to go sit on the couch. He said, "Mommy, sit. Go back." And he was pointing. After I picked up my jaw off the floor, I stepped out of the room. He was hiding so he could go number 2. After that, he came to me and said poopoo. I definitely think I am going to be potty training soon. I definitely don't want to rush it as I would love for the potty training process to take less time with him than it did with Kaitlyn.

He did the same thing today too. He is just so cute cause he has a determined look on his face too. At 35 pounds now, I hardly pick him up. He really is our little man. In Kindermusik class today, if you looked around the room, Jackson was a head taller than the other kids; although, I think some of them are young.

As for our little miss, Kaitlyn just can't wait until she is five. She thinks that she can do a lot more than she can do now, like sit in the front seat of the car. Yeah, but she doesn't realize that Texas has a new law that if you are under 4 ft. 9 inches, you have to be in a booster.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Kaitlyn's First Soccer Game

Calling all sports fans! If you have ever wondered, what 4-year olds look like playing soccer, take a look at some of these pics! We didn't really even know the score until someone asked the ref, but all of the girls had fun chasing and kicking the ball.

I think Kaitlyn loved it because everyone cheered for all the girls and she got to give hugs to the girls on her team when they scored. Brandon had his debut as a soccer coach and I think he was totally nervous. He did great.

We were rushed to find the field because even though we have been in Flower Mound for over 4 months, we just could not find the field or where to park. It was crazy.

The final score was 13 to 12 and Kaitlyn scored five goals. The field is a short little field with a little goal. They play 3 on 3 and there is no goalie.

We decided to try soccer this fall to see if Kaitlyn liked sports. Last year she wasn't too hot on dancing, but she is enjoying kicking the ball around.