Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It could be worse...

It has been crazy around here trying to get a leg up on all of the season's activities including weddings, Christmas shopping, Thanksgiving, trip to Mexico, family in town, etc.

Brandon's cousin's wedding was beautiful and Kaitlyn walked down the aisle like an angel. She listened and I think it was the big excitement for her all weekend, except the dancing. Thanksgiving was great despite the cold, wet weather and we even put up our Christmas tree with a few decorations. Kaitlyn loves to be sneaky and pull things off the tree. Christmas shopping, almost done. Yeah! Ready for Cabo San Lucas? Not really, but it will have to work. We are leaving for Mexico next week. This is the trip Brandon was awarded since he was a top seller this fall. I can't believe we are going. It will be tough with Jackson, but I think we definitely need to have some relaxation and recharge our batteries!

I say it could be worse because we are all sick again, but things could be worse if we didn't just have a little cold. Poor little Jackson can't breathe. I hope we can make it through this cold season with only a few little bouts here and there, but it is inevitable, especially with a toddler running around. She loves to kiss Jackson on his head and does great changing his diaper. She is actually a regular cleaning lady too. She loves to clean windows.

The best thing to do in our household right now is to watch Kaitlyn dance. She just wouldn't stop dancing at the wedding and now at home, it is an epidemic. Dancing with the Stars has been great to watch, especially with Kaitlyn. She waits for the dance to start and then she gets up and boogies. Her version of getting down to the music is to run from one side of the room to the other. She then holds her arms up to her side and bends over to shake her toosh. It is pretty cute. But it is never good to dance alone and makes Brandon and I dance too.

Jackson makes us smile all day. He laughs and smiles and coos so much. It is amazing that he does all of the time. He is as happy as a clam if you just look at him and for as big as he is, he knows just how to melt in your arms. He is now 17 and a half pounds. His stomach looks like a big ham or hammie!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sporadic posts

Well, the holidays are upon us. It is going to be pretty sporadic posting on here for the next couple of months. The holidays bring all sorts of craziness and with trying to get into a better routine with Kaitlyn and Jackson, extra time will be nonexistent.

We are working to get Jackson to like his crib better and fall asleep easier. He has a lot of gas and I still here congestion in him. Poor guy, we drag him everywhere and has gotten used to sleeping in his carseat alot. But seeing how he is growing so much, I have no idea what to do when he gains another five pounds and he is out of the carrier. Right now, it is pretty easy to take him with us. I am on the hunt for a double stroller to buckle both kiddos in.

Kaitlyn is so sweet on Jackson and helped me give him a bath today. I am still nervous with her around him sometimes as she presses on him and doesn't know that it hurts. She is maturing a lot and wants to do everything herself, although she still needs me to teach her the proper way of doing things. She is in love with Curious George right now. They are very similar. He is curious of everything as is she.

Friday, November 09, 2007


Well, we have made it past the two month mark with Jackson and the holidays are right around the corner. God has been looking out for us these last few months, that is for sure. Brandon signed a huge client with ADP, the biggest deal in his region so far. It was exciting for him and his office. He got a trip to Los Cabos the first of December so we are trying to figure out if we are going to take Jackson or not. Kaitlyn has taken a nap everyday this week. I think she is finally calming down after Jackson's birth and the excitement of grandmoms helping out. Jackson is sleeping a little bit better, but he is still waking every four hours at night to eat. I think I have a little more sanity with getting a little more sleep because he is taking a bottle now.

Jackson went to his two month check up yesterday and he is in the above 97 percetile for weight and height. He now weighs 15 pounds 10 ounces. Yes!!! At 20 pounds, we have to move him out of his carrier carseat! The doctor also said that he is smiling and cooing like he is a four-month old. He loves to talk and smile. Kaitlyn started a bit later, but I don't remember her talking as much as him.

Today, I got really lucky with this picture. Two kiddos smiling!!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Fun, but worn out

I am beginning to find out that in the world of kids, any kind of holiday is a hectic time. Not that we scrambled to find all of the Halloween and fall festival activities we could, but that there is so much to choose from in our area. We went to a pumpkin patch and farm, a fall festival for Kaitlyn's school and another fall festival at her friend, Kali's school. The things they do for little kids. It is amazing.

Kaitlyn is getting to be a lot of fun to take to these things too because she is having so much fun with all of these new activities and can voice how much fun she is having. Of course, Jackson had a ball - sleeping, that is.

We have caught our second cold of the season. Man, we need some super spray to keep this stuff from spreading. We are constantly washing hands and putting on hand sanitizer, but when Kaitlyn coughs, we just can't contain it.

Here is some video of Kaitlyn jumping in a bounce house at the fall festival last night. She loved it.

Here is some video of Jackson playing in his crib. He is becoming more and more animated.