Sunday, November 29, 2009

Big Boy Bed Time

Today we took off the side of Jackson's crib to make it a big-boy, toddler bed. He does know how to get out of the crib, but really hasn't climbed out often. He is a big boy - over 35 pounds, so putting him in the crib was a big chore for me. We probably could have moved him sooner, but he is just so cute in his bed, and after our Kaitlyn experience, we wanted to keep him in as long as possible.

As Brandon took off the side, Jackson got upset. He thought we were breaking his bed. He didn't want to go near his bed. This afternoon, it was time for a nap and he was ready for sleep. He still wouldn't go near his bed and said that it was broken. I then laid his big doggie in it and started to read to him. We talked about how it is still his cozy bed. He then got in and laid on his doggie. He then didn't want his doggie and I read to Jackson. He stayed in his bed and laid down. He got up once because he wanted another book and then stayed in his bed and fell asleep. Yippeee! The first time went well for him to sleep in the toddler bed. I just hope that this begins a good habit of going to sleep in his bed and not getting out all of the time.

With Kaitlyn, we had a rough time getting her to stay in bed and go to sleep. We moved her when she was 27 months old. We went through several different routines to see what worked best. Bedtime is pretty routine now, but it still takes longer with her because she must have a prayer, story and song before falling asleep. When we moved, we got her a new mattress, but Brandon got a very basic low-grade mattress, we finally traded it in and got her the better mattress. And man, it is so comfortable. That surely will do the trick to put her to sleep fast!!

Next up, Jackson! Keep it up, little man!

Here is a pic of him this afternoon sleeping. Don't know if you can see him well. I didn't want to use the flash.

Monday, November 23, 2009

A little bit silly

We have been focused on wrapping up soccer for Kaitlyn and getting ready for the holidays. Just trying to figure out what to do is crazy. I would love for it to just snow so we could play in it and then get by the fire.

This weekend at the last minute, our neighbor's two high school girls were going to Twilight on Sunday night for the second time and I have been dying to see it so I tagged along. It was great. Even for an evening showing and a small theater, I thought it was packed. They knew a couple of girls who came to the movie and it was their fourth time.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Trick or Treat was the phrase of the night. Kaitlyn and Jackson had no idea going up to houses and saying trick or treat would be so much fun and allow them to get tons of candy. We only went up our street and down the next street around the corner and back. In the process, we met several more neighbors and one neighbor across the street gave us a tour of their house. They remodel homes for a living so it was fun to see.

Well, Jackson followed Kaitlyn's lead and she was so excited to watch all the kids running around the neighborhood. One lady had an open house and we could pick out a toy for the kids and a full size candy bar. Needless to say, we picked something for the parents and the kids could have the toy!

I think they had fun just getting out. We went from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. After that, Kaitlyn gave out the rest of our candy to the kids that came by. It was cute how she put a piece of candy in each bag and all the kids used their manners with her to say thank you. I think they were even being extra sweet with her.

Kaitlyn picked out a Snow White costume and Jackson picked out Broby from Yo Gabba Gabba. I think he just liked the green fur! Kaitlyn liked her dress because she could twirl. Of course, Halloween is one of those weird days, but I always had good memories of trick or treating with mom and dad. We all had fun together.