Monday, April 23, 2007

Superman Solves All Your Problems!

This weekend we had a great time celebrating weddings, babies and birthdays. After it was all said and done, we really can't say enough about Superman coming to save the day. Hehhe.

We celebrated my dad's 60th bday this weekend at The Magic Time Machine. I am sure he doesn't want me to broadcast it, but it is a special birthday and we wanted to have fun for him. He even got to have his favorite dish, Blackened Catfish.

Our waiter was Harry Potter; however, Superman was close by and came to save the day. Brandon, Kaitlyn and I arrived early. This place has all sorts of nooks and crannies including a real school bus to sit in to eat, a Harry Potter hat with a booth inside, etc. Kaitlyn loved the school bus the most and we could not get her out of it while singing, "The Wheels on the Bus."

Finally, dinner came and we were in a pinch to get her to sit in her high chair to eat. She almost screamed and was causing a fuss. Then Superman appeared out of thin air. He came down to her level and talked to her in a low, sweet voice. He was quite entertaining, but not quite as entertaining as Kaitlyn staring at him with her big, blue eyes opened wide. She was quiet the instant he started talking to her. For the rest of the dinner, she was happy and content to eat and then ask for Superman when she caught a glimpse of him.

She then had a whole five-minute conversation with Harry Potter. I don't think he could whip up a spell to understand half of what she said. He had his arm across his chest with the other arm under his chin. In the middle of him saying, "Interesting," she propped up her arms like his. It was very cute. I will have to see if I can't get Stephen's video to put up. He caught some of the conversation with her.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Books are Fun

Books are fun! Kaitlyn is now reading to us. Just kidding, but it is wonderful to see that she really does love books, especially ones with zoo animals.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Storms and rain

Well, we have been hard at work doing some spring cleaning and yard work. We even had help from my dad and Stephen to cut down a huge dead branch from our front tree. If it was just Brandon, it would have taken the whole day. With all of us, it only took an hour and a power chainsaw.

The weather has been a little on the nippy side and Kaitlyn hasn't been able to wear all of her fun, warm weather clothes yet. I don't have any new photos to share just yet, but will post some soon!

Monday, April 09, 2007

God Bless

Last night Kaitlyn and I were playing and daddy was on the computer in the sun room, but the door was still open. He sneezed loudly. Then Kaitlyn says, "Bless you." It was so cute. She then repeated, "Bless you, daddy." All the while my mouth and Brandon's mouth are wide open. We are staring at each other with a look of, "Did we just hear that without any prompting or copying?"

Other Updates:
Kaitlyn and I are both fighting a cold today. We have been so tired that we haven't even fully unpacked from the weekend trip, but will hopefully work on that today when we have some energy.

Results of our visit to the doctor today:
We went to the doctor today for a sonogram and everything looks great. Baby Jackson is growing just like he should. He weighs almost a pound. I think he was trying to sleep this morning because they could not get a good look at his heart so they are going to look again next month. He is very active and has a great heart beat. I haven't been gaining a ton of weight, but Jackson is, so the doctor is okay with that for right now. I just don't have the appitite that I did for Kaitlyn. My brother still teases me about how much I ate with her!

Happy Easter 2007

Okay, so I have been into pictures for the last hour from this weekend and springtime looking at how much Kaitlyn has changed. I must admit, it is amazing how little kids show you how time goes by so quickly. I usually mark time passing with all the different memories from holidays, but it now has been everyday trying to keep up with my changing daughter.

First of all, I have this timeline in my head of how we can try to accomplish everything we need to before baby Jackson Meche arrives; however, I think Kaitlyn can read my mind before I even think things. She went number 2 on the potty this weekend and pushed and everything with some help. I am just so happy to see her evolving into a little girl. I was going to wait until after our trip to Destin to really pull all the potty training together with a "potty party." But now, I think we will have to see if we can't get this started earlier.

And second of all, she is saying sentences now. What? Where did this come from? Saying phrases like, "I see you," "Daddy's milk," or "I love you." She is a wiggle worm and has climbed out of the crib this week, which is another to-do on my list: moving her to a big-girl bed. We hope to have that all arranged and re-do her room in the next month.

It is ironic that we are planning to paint her room pink because when we moved into the house her room was pink with a few pink bows around. We painted over it because it was going to be our office at the time.

Well, this Easter weekend, was so cold - Snow in Dallas and freezing rain/mix in Ville Platte. Who would have thought it? We went to be with Brandon's family as they have a crawfish boil/Easter celebration complete with an Easter Egg hunt every year. Kaitlyn loved pocking eggs as is the tradition and looking for eggs with money inside. She liked playing with the money too.

Brandon brought water balloons and here is a little clip of what the boys did this weekend. (You may hear a hilarious laugh at the end. That is my laugh as Brandon makes me laugh so much with his sound effects.)
As for us Meche girls and Kaitlyn, we pocked eggs, had the kids play with the pinata, eat crawfish, play with puppies and visit with family in Ville Platte, LA. Kaitlyn loved the yard and has just exploded with conversation in the last few days.

She was the official greeter of the crawfish boil. She greeted each family as they arrived at the farm. She was very excited to see everyone. I think she spent the rest of the weekend trying to recover from all the excitement on Friday. Here she is in her Easter dress this year.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Gearing Up and Resting Up

The last couple of days have been busy. We really didn't mean to pack too much into a couple of days, but it just worked out that way - gardening, going to dinners, movies, going to the Arboreatum twice and furniture shopping. I have a few photos and a video; however, I am too exhausted to stay up on the computer another minute. More to come soon...