Thursday, April 23, 2009

Moving Day!

It is moving day tomorrow! Take a deep breath for we are out of our first house in Plano and into Flower Mound, of Flower Town as we like to call it, started by Kaitlyn.

As usual, we have piled it on with a hefty schedule tomorrow and hopefully, Internet won't be out too long! I was going to list everything, but the list is just darn long.

Have a wonderful night and weekend! We will see you on the other side! Look for moving cards and house warming party details soon for those of you in town or want to come to celebrate with us. :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It is coming

The move-in-day is Friday! Can't believe it is almost here. I have cooked our last meal at 1412 Heidi Drive. It is Lasagna. We have three more days to take a shower. One or two more boxes to pack. The computer stuff to pack. Unload the attic. Confirm a couple of deliveries and we are good to go.

We did a lot of living in our first house. The first house we came home to after we got married. This is where we brought Kaitlyn and Jackson home from the hospital. This is where we had parties with new friends, old friends and family. And lastly this is where I think of as starting my "grown-up" life. But whatever we called it, we are going to have even more memories in our new house as the kids grow, have graduations and make friends.

With every move I have made, there was a little sadness, a little bit of the unknown, like moving from home to college and to an apartment. But I tell ya what, it is exciting and a chance to do new things. Even if we moved up a couple of streets, life would be totally different. Isn't that amazing?

Well, enough pondering and thinking - here are some updated photos of the kids. I got Jackson's outfit for his 18 month photos and Kaitlyn is just being goofy, hehheee.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dancing Queen

Our little Dancing Queen and King have fun with daddy playing his guitar and just singing away. We have been doing this a lot since the toys have been packed up - improvising with fun "toys".

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Latest Move Info!

I do apologize for missing more than a few blogs. I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. Next week is the big move - ready or not. We have half the house packed, maybe more. We are lining things up for the move, ordered a few things and still have a lot to do.

We are pretty excited about one thing. (I didn't think I really cared, but I do.) We got the seller's piano this week. It is perfect - It was already in the house! I can hear the piano being played by Jackson or Kaitlyn very soon! Maybe Brandon and I will get inspired and learn ourselves. I took piano lessons in elementary, but I can't remember.

Jackson has become more and more boy lately. He is driving his little trucks and cars around. And oh, don't put any kind of pile in front of him. He will destroy, destroy and destroy. He has been a great little errand and shopping buddy. He gets all the looks and cute waves from strangers. It is great to get in and out with him since everyone is busy talking to him. Even at the doctor's office today, everyone was trying to play with him. I forgot how little ones are such great conversation starters!

I am so sad for Kaitlyn. She has really gotten into her school and class. She talks about her classmates and her teacher all the time. She is excited to go and I hate to pull her out of that. I hope she likes her new school just as much. She has one more week. I have looked at more than 5 schools in the new area and need to decide what to do. But this next month while she is not in school, we will be busy with her and reading and taking a trip to Florida! It actually turns out to be perfect timing - just when we need a break after we move. Yeah! Roberts family - Here we come! And maybe a day trip to Disney World as Brandon has made efforts for us to stop over.