Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Family Pictures

It is really is so ironic that I am not on this more. I feel like the days are flying and that we are so busy, but at the same time, I feel like I get nothing done. This morning, it took us until about 11 am to finally be ready to do something in the day. Ethan is taking a while to nurse, Kaitlyn and Jackson take a long time to get moving and it just goes on and on. We did work on how to clean a bathroom today and how they can help keep it clean.

It is one of my main goals by the fall to have them doing a chore a day on their own. Jackson is almost all the way potty trained and it is really exciting. That has been huge this past month and kept us busy and at home. It just wasn't going to happen unless we did stay home. Of course, the heat is a killer for little Ethan too, as well as all of us.

Here's to crossing new horizons as school time approaches and we get used to having three kids. The demand is great, but the reward is greater.

We had some family photos taken last week. Not all of them are up yet, but I like this photographer and she is pretty reasonably priced., then click on clients and type in meche.

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